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Plumas District Hospital is excited to launch our Child Care Center for ALL Families in our community. Our program is now running from 7:45am-5:15pm, Monday through Friday and is licensed for children ages 0-5 years.

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Once you have applied, the Child Care Director will reach out to you regarding acceptance into the program and any questions you may have. Upon application approval, the enrollment process will begin.

If you have any additional questions please contact the PDH Child Care Center Director.

phone 530.283.7165

Program Details

  • The center will provide all diapers and wipes for children in attendance.
  • Families will provide all food and snacks for their child(ren).
  • Children will participate in nap/rest time each day as well as outside time, free choice time, music/movement, art, reading, math and science.
  • Parents will have access to the Procare App for touchless sign-in/out, billing, newsletters, messaging, and photos/videos of their children.
  • All Covid-19 precautions for daily sanitization and screening are in place.
  • Staff are current in Pediatric CPR/First Aid

Frequently Asked Questions

The Child Care Center is a Nut-Free facility. Parents will be asked to bring a lunch and two snacks per day for their child(ren) in the program. Parents are also asked to bring a water bottle or sippy cup/bottle for children each day labeled with their child’s name.

The infant program allows for 4 infants, and the preschool program has a toddler component that allows for 18 toddlers and up to 14 preschoolers.

Title 22 Regulations requires all children to be fully up to date on all immunizations. Parents should work with their doctor to get their children on a vaccine schedule if they are behind.

Yes, each team member is vaccinated for MMR, Tdap, and Flu immunizations (or waiver verification). Each staff person is also required to have a current TB clearance. All staff have been recently offered the recent Covid-19 vaccine as well.

Children will have a morning snack shortly after arrival at the center each day. It is up to the parent if they want to offer breakfast at home before they arrive at the center.

The center hours are 8am to 4pm until further notice. If a parent picks up a child after 4pm they will be charged a $20 late pick up fee as per the Center Contract. It is imperative that children get picked up on time so that staff have time to clean and set-up for the following day.

In the infant room the child to teacher ratio is 4:1, which allows for staff to supervise a maximum of 4 children per one staff person. The toddler classroom has a child to teacher ratio of 6:1, and teaching staff can supervise a maximum of 6 students per staff person. The preschool classroom has a 12:1 ratio that allows one staff person to supervise 12 children.

The Director and the staff will work closely with a family to accommodate any child in the center that needs a reasonable modification based on a fact specific investigation. Each case will be subject to individual assessment and collaboration between parents, guardians, professionals who work with the child, the child care Director, and human resources to determine the specific needs of that child.

The child care center follows strict guidelines for illness outlined on the Exclusion Policy given at enrollment. Any child who does not feel well or presents with a fever over 100.4°F, diarrhea, vomiting, rash, or any other contagious illness will be sent home.

The center Director is working closely with Public Health, Community Care Licensing, and Plumas District Hospital to abide by and reinforce precautions in regards to Covid-19. At enrollment parents will be given the Covid-19 Procedures that details those sanitization, screening, and laundering procedures.

All activities inside and outside of the facility have been closely scrutinized by licensing and are deemed child appropriate in size and nature. Staff are all certified in Pediatric CPR/First Aid and continue yearly education based on their experience and education needs.

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